Loneliness & Depression is growing rapidly in our society due to the modern lifestyle and dependency on technology. If you feel lonely when people surround you, then this article about how to fight Loneliness & Depression is for you. Feeling lonely is a universal human emotion.  However, the continuous feeling of loneliness is not.

Studies have remarked that chronically lonely people suffer from extreme blood pressure. They are more likely to get infected and have a higher chance of growing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Remember, feeling lonely and being alone are two one of a kind things.

How to understand the difference between alone and lonely?

If you feel discomfort spending time with yourself, then you are lonely. Lonely people make different strategies for avoiding being alone. They spend time with people, but they don’t enjoy much with them.

They do an unnecessary thing to avoid being alone. Such as, Compulsively talking on the phone to fill the silence, and reflexively turning on the TV when they enter their home.

On the other side, some people enjoy the time when there is no one around them. Being alone is a state of mind that can offer mental and physical freedom. A lot of people enjoy being alone.

But, real loneliness is a feeling of isolation and emotional abandonment. It feels as there is no one for you in the world. Nobody understands you, and your emotions are not being considered.

Here are seven steps to overcome the feeling of Loneliness & Depression:

1. Accept that Loneliness & Depression is just a feeling, not truth:

In most cases, people live in the past that makes them feel lonely. For example, you were attached to someone, and they left. It gives a feeling of insecurity.
You may try to let them go, but deep inside, you start losing connection with yourself. And you don’t even realize when you become depressed or lonely. Instead of healing that empty part of you, you decided to avoid your wound.
Someday, something happened, and the wound got triggered. You started feeling pain, loneliness, and depression. This is so hurtful that people start thinking of quitting life. Hold on. This is not the end.
You need to understand that this loneliness is just a temporary feeling. The feeling comes and goes.
Remember, Nothing is permanent.

3. Write down your thoughts to beat Loneliness & Depression

We usually create self-centred stories to explain our feelings.
Sometimes you may feel lonely because of some childhood memories when you were bullied. Or, you may have some feeling of shame and guilt. These childhood memories can continue into adulthood and take you into depression or make you feel lonely.
So, ask your self what you’re missing in life, what you want? Write those feelings down on paper. This will help you discover the cause of your loneliness.
Besides, writing accesses the left side of your mind, which is the logical side, And starts the creative right side of the brain to experience emotions. Writing helps to gets rid of any mental blocks and lets you understand what’s happening around you.

3. Decide to fight with the Negative Thoughts

Now, when you know you are dealing with Loneliness & Depression, decide to learn how to fight with it. Since healthful interaction with friends is good, make small efforts to reach out to others. Share your thought and ask for help instead of hiding your true feelings. Remember, True friends always helps.
Also, It’s perfectly natural to feel lonely when someone has gone. Life is a balance of togetherness and separateness. Sometimes we can feel isolated during this process. But we have to learn to be okay with that and move on. We have to normalize those feelings of Loneliness & Depression and detect when they become unhealthy.

Also, you can read about lifesyle tips for Health and Wellness here.

4- Count your blessings

in every situation, we have two choices. Whether to suffer or to accept the truth and move on. You can walk down the street thinking about your loneliness and hopelessness. Or, you can walk down the road and be grateful for the variety of people you share the sidewalk with. You can silently wish them the best health and fortune and smile at everyone.
Decide to take time at the end of the day to consider all the things that made your day fabulous. Then reflect on consideration on how you can have made it better. It’s a fair question because it empowers you. Also, that’s an excellent way to fight loneliness.

5- Get connected with like-minded people

you might have got attached to your negative thoughts and your lonely feelings. But this isn’t helpful. You need to communicate with people and learn new things to take your life to the next level.
Nowadays, there are more ways than ever before. There are many groups of hikers, trekkers, spirituals. You can get quickly connected with people who share your interests. This makes it much simpler to a natural foundation for starting a friendship. And this will surely set you free from the feeling of Loneliness & Depression. You can visit to Awesome Traveller for more details.

6- Spend time with nature

It seems simplistic. However, a walk or bike ride in the park can do wonders in your state of being. It’s the right time to search for yourself. You will understand yourself better than anyone can understand.

Go hiking, trekking; it will surely make you fall in love with yourself. Surely you will meet people, which will increase your likelihood for human contact.
You can Go to a playground and watch the kids play or go to a dog park. These tiny creatures will add extra joy to your life.

7- Practice Mindfulness/ Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are words that have been used most lately. However, For the right reason. It’s the best way to calm your mind to beat the feeling of Loneliness & Depression.
Remember, Life is all about coming back to the core. Knowing who you are and getting detached from the chaos of life. When you first wake up in the morning, find a quiet place, take a deep breath, and stay in the moment. It’ll take you to a more peaceful and accepting place.


These are some steps you can take to fight with Loneliness & Depression and reconnect with life again. In severe cases, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional/Mind-Coach.

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