The Lockdown word might be throughout your social media. Perhaps you feel worried or have a circle of people who are.

The world is going through a hard time, and it’s up to us to step up and contribute to the fight in opposition to the new coronavirus. We don’t know how much time it will take to get an antidote.

Until then, complete social distancing is pretty much the most straightforward intervention possible to help an individual’s well-being.

Lockdown is a part of the solution, and I request you to follow the orders for your very own good, and the health of your family and community.

Now, many of you might be facing challenges in how to spend time being at home during the Lockdown. Don’t panic; We have brought here some solutions for you.

Here are eight tips on How to maintain a healthy life during the Lockdown.

It might help you to plan your day. At the same time, try to contribute to society too.

1- If you are Parents, spend quality time with your children. Help them to draw, paint, guide them in academics. I am sure you and your children have missed a lot of time spending together in the past. It’s time to create some fantastic memories.

2- If you have worked from home, plan to get jobs finished successfully on time. At the same time, you can take a break in between and enjoy coffee with family, which was not possible when you used to work in the office.

3- Parents need to understand the situation and empathize with their children’s fears. Speak truthfully about the Lockdown in the right way. Try to know more about your children, their thoughts, and their feelings.

4- Don’t spend much time in front of the television. I know it’s essential to stay updated, but keep in mind that this situation is temporary. After the coronavirus, you will have to go back to routine. So, maintain it the way you used to plan your day before lockdown.

5- Frustration and boredom can come quickly into children during the lockdown as they are unable to play and be socialized. So, play games with your kids. Do some micro-exercises with them, such as jumping jacks, jogging upstairs, or playing basketball and soccer.

6- Feeling as something has been accomplished through these lockdown days can give extra satisfaction. so, try to complete the things which were pending for a long time. It can be cleaning avoided corners of the home or garden, repair some broken furniture.

7- The most important thing to do is stay connected to others. It doesn’t need to be talking or texting for hours but asking once about the situation or how are they will play a valuable role during the lockdown.

8- Contribute to a feeling of togetherness. Try to connect with people who you haven’t heard from in a while or people in your network who is probably to be appropriately isolated now.

Self-care can also mean having boundaries such as refusing visitors, reducing unnecessary demands, and saying, “no.” An essential part of self-care is setting boundaries around you.

So, time to do something for yourself. Practice some self-care activities like meditation, yoga, walking, baking, reading, etc.

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8- The most significant suggestion is to spread positivity through social media. Everyone is afraid of the unknown future. Be someone who can make people ease. Pray for others’ safety. Spreading positive energy will be the best thing you can do during this Lockdown.

Think of the small changes which you can bring into your life post-coronavirus.!
Stay happy, stay healthy!

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