Curious to know about How Mindfulness transforms us? Most of my clients question when I ask them to practice meditation every day.

Unfortunately, They are unable to sit for a few minutes with themselves. 

The purpose of meditation is not to push aside stress or negative thinking, but rather to observe those thoughts and feelings. And not to act on them.

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness in the present moment and doing it intentionally with non-judgment. 

The practice of Mindfulness and meditation has been around us for ages but was avoided by most human beings. They thought it’s only for monks only.

However, The best thing is that now everyone is trying to learn and practice it daily. People are trying to understand how it can change their life.

Let’s see How Mindfulness transforms us:

 1- Mindfulness Reduces stress and Anxiety:

It’s very typical to get stressed in a problematic situation. Mindfulness not only reduces your anxiety level, but it also lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Meditation act as medicines for Stress. It Transforms your brain and makes it less anxiety-prone. its an excellent method for reducing stress and increasing happiness.

2- Mindfulness Enhance Quality of Life for Those with medical conditions

Mindfulness enhanced the immune system, which is the primary resistance of the body against attacking pathogens, germs, and diseases such as cancer.

Study with a with HIV remarked that Mindfulness increased levels of T-cells or T-cell activity (T-cells are a type of lymphocyte that actively participates in resistant response).

Mindfulness meditation increased the quality of life and decreased the chances of any mental or physical disease.

This is How Mindfulness transforms us and keeps our Mental health in balance.

3- Meditation Improve The Relationships quality

As we understand, the lack of quality relationships causes obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, drinking, and many more issues. 

Mindfulness develops our capacity to understand, feel compassion, and listen actively.

Most importantly, We shift less reactive in the circumstances of the dispute and set compassionate lines, which is essential for healthy relationships. 

4- Lowers depression risk in all ages

You see, Stress and anxiety level is increasing rapidly around us. And these two are significant triggers of depression.

Mindfulness changes our reaction to those emotions. It helps the mind to recognize negative thinking and change it to a positive one.

Meditation also changes specific brain areas that are connected with depression and reduce the chances of depression.

This is the best way How Mindfulness transforms us!

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5- Mindfulness Increases Focus:

The Fact is we all practicing multitasking in day to day life. When we multitask, our attention levels deplete.

Mindfulness helps us to gain our focus and improve concentration. It helps to build new neuronal pathways in the brain.

6- Improve our Sleep Quality

If you look around, you will find that chronic insomnia is overgrowing. That is the main reason behind many chronic diseases? Mindfulness helps fight insomnia and improves sleep. 

Mindfulness meditation requires focusing on your breathing and then bringing your attention to the present moment without flowing awareness about Thoughts or situation.

If your mind starts to wondering again, no problems. Tenderly bring yourself back and repeat The process. 

This is How Mindfulness transforms us!

7- Change our thinking patterns:

Being present and aware is the foundation of transforming a thought pattern. Once we know the patterns, we understand what to target. Mindfulness helps us to change negative thoughts into positive ones.

This is the Best way of How Mindfulness transforms us! 

Meditation prepares the mind for adverse situations. It increases our tolerance and patience And shifts the brain and body out of the stress response to a state of relative calm.

When we can focus solely on something, the mind becomes more aware of the present. Most importantly, we can change in the way our brains work.

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